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The Barbell Club


Olympic Weightlifting Developmental Phase 1
  • 4/Weeks
  • 3/Days Per Week

Advanced: Practicing The Barbell Club methods, philosophies and training principles between 3 - 6 months consistently 3-days a week with coaching guidance.
Beginner: Practicing The Barbell Club methods, philosophies and training principles for less than 3 months and/or inconsistently attending the class for 3 - 6 months.


**Only perform Foam Roll Sequence for Warm-Ups if you are feeling tighter and more sore than usual from training prior to todays session**

1. Foam Rolling Sequence (Soft Tissue Maintenance)
Spend :10 - :15 seconds rolling each target area
 - Lumbar Spine, Thoracic Spine, Between Shoulder Blades
 - Lats (underarms)
 - Glutes
 - Adductors
 - Hamstrings
 - Quads and Hip Flexors
 - Calves
 - Gut Smash (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) x5
 :03 inhale (pressurize guts into roller), :05 hard exhale

2.  Banded 7s
- Palms Up and Arms Straight
- Palms Up and Arms Straight, Across Body Pull
- Palms Up and Elbows Tight to Side
- Knuckles Up and Arms Straight
- Behind the Head Elbows at 90-Degrees
- Pass Throughs

3. Hip -Halo Activation

  • 10 Side-Step R/L
  • 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L
  • 10 Glute Bridges
  • 5 Psoas Marches R/L
  • 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L
  • 10 Bird Dogs R/L
  • 5 Mini-Band Squats (Slow and Controlled) "FEMURS OUT LATERALLY, LOAD HIPS MAXIMALLY)
4. Movement Prep
1 sets
            1.          90/90 Breathing @ 5 breaths
            2.         PVC Pipe Cuban Rotations x 10
            3.         Tall Kneeling Glute Activation x 5 reps
            4.         6 or 4-Point Bear Crawl Shoulder Touches x 5 reps each side
            5.         Banded Ankle Distraction in Dragon Pose x :30 each side
            6.         Half Kneeling Hip Ext./Int. Rotation x 5 breaths each side
            7.         Heels Elevated Goblet Squat with :04 Eccentric Phase x 10 reps
            8.         Daily Assessment - FMS: Deep Squat


 A) Rudiment Series @ 5-Yards
  1. Double Leg Hops FWD
  2. Double Leg Hops BKWD
  3. Double Leg Hops Sideways
  4. Single Leg Hops FWD
  5. Single Leg Hops BKWD
B) Front Squat Skill Transfer Exercises - 3-5 reps of each movement
*Empty Barbell or lightly loaded (no more than 45% of 1RM)

            1.         Heels Elevated Zombie Squat
            2.         Front Squat to Med Ball
            3.         Pause Front Squat (2 Seconds)
            4.         One and a quarter front squat
            5.         In the hole front squat
            6.         Tempo Descent Front squat (10 second descent, no pause, fast up)

C) *Level 3* Bar-to-Body Contact Drill

*If not ready for level 5 then stay with level 4 or regress further to dial in technique correctly.
Level 5 Position @ Floor
Level 4 Position @ "Mid-Shin" 2-3" (below the knee)
Level 3 Position @ "Hang" (just outside of the knee)
Level 2 Position @ "Mid-Thigh"
Level 1 Position @ "Hip" (Snatch) and "Upper 1/3 of thigh" (Clean)

The Barbell Club All Levels