Hi everyone:) I hope you have not all been as sporadic with your exercise as I have been with this blog! So today I have a challenge! 1) To see if anyone is actually reading this and 2) If you are to get you involved!! I have stated before I wanted this to be a tool to support each other and share ideas. I usually post a tip, challenge, recipe, and a quote. Today I will leave it up to someone else to share a healthy recipe!! Whoever does this first will receive a small token of appreciation from me for contributing to the blog:) You can post the recipe as a comment under this blog section-I am excited to see what yummy idea one of you comes up with!! 

Tip: When you go out to eat the choices can be overwhelming! You are engaged from the moment you walk through the door by the smell of different foods. To make it easier to stay on track look at a menu online before you go and pick a meal that fits your plan. By making a conscious decision of what you are going to have before hand, it helps to keep you from overindulging.

Challenge: Give some words of encouragement to someone who has been making changes to live better! Sometimes we all just need a little pat on the back:)

Quote: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”Thomas Edison